Chicago-Style Hot Dog leads pack with Taste

Columbus Dispatch - 3/1/2007

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The right trimmings -- pickled hot peppers, sliced tomato, diced cucumber, chopped onion, sweet relish, pickle and mustard -- are vital to a Chicago-style hot dog.

But a high-quality frankfurter tucked under the toppings is paramount to the taste.

Hot Diggety: Wholly Joe's offers a slice of Chicago

America is obsessed with hot dogs.

The proof: The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council estimates that we eat 20-billion hot dogs each year.

"That's enough for every man, woman and child in the world to enjoy a hot dog," the group's Web site enthuses. Another nugget from the council: kids prefer ketchup on their dogs while adults favor mustard.

Sounds reasonable.

Hot Dog Ettiquette

Don't take more than five bites to finish a hot dog. For foot-long wiener, seven bites are acceptable.